I need an IBAN or SWIFT or BIC details to receive money


Hi ,
I need to receive money from Qatar - IBAN is necessary for this to be sent.
This is a business critical request.
Can you please update accordingly - Thanks


Hello Douglas,

I hope you’re well and thanks for taking the time to reach out to us.

Unfortunately, we are not currently offering international transfers and IBAN’s to our members.
We are working on a feature for our members that will meet all your international needs. In the meantime, you will need to use a third party to make or receive any international transfers.

The good news is we’re registering interest, so if you’d like us to add you to the list do let our team know by sending an e-mail to hello@tide.co or an in-app message. You’ll be the first to receive updates about the new feature!

I hope this helps and please do let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with. I’d be glad to!

Best wishes,