I honestly can’t believe it


After months of being strung along you have now told us you have nothing for us.
I backed you. I believed in you and this is what you do to us.
Tide will never get a penny from me ever again.

What an absolute disgraceful way to treat your customers in the most serious of times.

You should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves.

You have ruined lives.

I have just told the wife and she is leaving me as we can no longer afford to live in the family home we have built over the last 10 years.

I will now spend my time lobbying my MP’s and other to look into Tide’s disgraceful handling of its customers needs over the last 3 months.


What an absolute shambles of a company. Lie after lie after lie. Completely full of crap from start to end.


Tide has become toxic and will pay for it. Disgraceful conduct and you hold no more credibility.



Should never have been there in the first place


And now all the moderators are not to be seen.

What do you have to say to us now?

Soon? Not long?


Thanks for the absolute waste of time and false hope tide, two months of being told to wait for nothing… account closed! would urge everyone to do the same.


Thank you for your comments, everybody.

I absolutely understand how any delays with our replies here must look. I apologise for that, and will do my best to address your comments and concerns.

As difficult as this announcement was to make, we did so as soon as we received the final decision from our potential investors, in regard to funding. We’d already kept our updates sparse up to this point, in the hopes to bring you all good news.

We’re disappointed to not be able to support you in the way we wanted to, but we haven’t given up. It may not happen overnight, but we are advocating for the Government to get involved more directly, and assist fintechs like ourselves with funding so our members do not have to bear this without the support you need.



I do not suppose you are able to DISCLOSE the names of the potential lenders that led Tide down the garden path, and did not come through. Maybe some of the anger people feel could more properly be directed at them?


Hi there @Jtreacher

As much as it might be vindicating, there are a lot of reasons why we can’t share any details about them.

For one, we don’t want to direct hate to any party. As disappointing as this outcome is, I and the team don’t believe that this will achieve any kind of improvement in our members’ situation. So, we’re facing forward, and doing what we can to get results.