I have been scammed


Am not a Tide Customer but was scammed by a company( Blue Kiwi LTD) they are selling bed in Instagram page called LUXDREAMCO (previous called LUXBEDCO which use Tide bank, l can’t recover my £489. Tide bank how do you deal with such businesses.


Thank you again for bringing this to our attention @Sweetieness

I’ve just sent you a private message so we can get some more details about this, please get back to me there as soon as you’re able.

I’m terribly sorry about the situation, and will do everything I can to address it.



I am in the similar position as Sweetieness above. Can you please private message me for the details. In my case this is a UK based business or private individual who may have used a Tide account showing as Pre Pay Technologies Ltd, to obtain money by deception. Thanks.


Hi there @ChrisW,

We have reached out to you in order to gain a bit more information on the matter. Please provide the information we have requested so we can proceed.

Thank you in advance.



Hi, I’ve also been scammed by this account. Please can you help me?


Hi there @Hsull

I’m terribly sorry to hear about this - firstly I would strongly recommend reaching out to your bank to flag any payments that you have made - they’ll be able to assist you directly in this.

We have absolutely brought this to the relevant team’s attention internally as well, but feel free to write to us at hello@tide.co with the full details of what’s happened.