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I applied for an account on 19th May

I received an email on 20th stating it would be 5-6 days

it is now two weeks.

I have:

Sent several messages in the app

Asked on twitter

Sent emails

Still no response

so this is my last attempt before I move elsewhere.

In addition to this, the app was locked on the message screen.

I reinstalled the app when I set up my new phone last week, and now all I see is how to open an account.

I see many others are experiencing the same.

Is there any chance someone can respond to me asap please?

I need to move on with my business

My business name is Woolly Dig Ltd

I look forward to hearing from someone.


I did get an email today offering 20% off a new product… if only I had an open account!

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    Jun '20
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Hi there,

I replied to your other post as well, we’ll be looking into getting your application back on track.

Thank you for your patience!


Hello we are in exactly the same boat we can’t get through to our standard business bank because of COVID-19 so decided to open an account with Tide and have now put an application in and been waiting two weeks with absolutely no response no email and nothing on the app it feels like it’s a waste of time and that no one can actually use this service the whole point of moving across to Tide was to get the government backed loan sorted out so our business would survive and now in the last two weeks we are haemorrhaging personal funds to pay for everything! The business is called the international property bureau and we are waiting for almost 17 business working days with not even a reply after taking all my personal documents!


If it helps I messaged here twice as a new topic and emailed.

This morning I received a mm email offering 20% off a product so I also responded to that.

The same person answered all three today and raised it with the team. I must admit I was in the verge of calling it a day.

I’ve got to say although it’s taken an age. Obi was super helpful and my account was opened and verified in less than a hour today. They also helped me with an app issue and address issue.

I know it is soooo frustrating and you shouldn’t need to do it but make a new topic and if no response do another. Also if you receive the offer email response to that saying they haven’t opened your account yet.

Wishing you luck!

Hi @Thebureau,

We’ve allocated the application and requested from the Team to follow up further on that.

We are very sorry for the delay on this, however, rest assured that we will do our best to get back to you shortly.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.