I changed phones but no option to login on the app now downloaded on my new phone


I changed my phone from iPhone to Android. Following instructions on this site I deleted the app off my old phone and downloaded it on my new phone. When downloaded from the Google Play store the app is different to that shown on this site. It gives no option to Log In, just an option I already have an account

When I choose I already have an account it takes you through the process to open a new account, then when it realises I already have an account it says it cannot help me and I should contact Tide - guess how - through the app, that I cannot get setup. I now have no access to my account and have received no response from Hello@tide.co Any ideas anyone?


Hello Mark,

Thank you for contacting us and sorry to hear about the inconveniences you have experienced. We can clarify that when you press the ‘I already have an account’ option it takes you through the process of opening a new account because you are not using the e-mail associated with your Tide account. If you simply provide us with your company name here we will be able to reach out to the e-mail linked with your Tide account. Looking forward to your reply.