I can't scan my passport


I tried everything as instructed but I couldn’t scan my passport.
Please help me?
My phone TECNO CAMON 12
Android Version 9


Hello @samtou

Thank you for reaching out!

I am happy to confirm that we have contacted you via e-mail so we can help you further.



hi i cant get a scan of my passport can someone please help


Hello @bimboi! Could you please try the following:

  • not obscure any part of the photo page of the passport especially any machine-readable text
  • in a well-lit room, this needs to be bright but not to the extent that there is glare reflecting from your document
  • holding your device carefully so that the app can capture a clear, stable image.
  • holding the device in such a way that ensures the corners of the document are within the capture region of the screen within your app

Additionally, you can try:

  • to capture this using your front-facing camera if you are having ongoing difficulties
  • to attempt submission of an alternative form of ID

I hope this helps!


I was finally able to scan my passport following your instructions but I have not received a message from your verification service for 3 days.
My company name is TRESOR SERVICES LLP
my email: contact@tresorpay.com