I cannot login into the app


I am part of a joint Company account and have my own Tide card. However, I have not been able to independently log into the app.

When signing up to the app and inputing my details, the app recognises that my name is affiliated to my company, but then when I select the company and press ‘Next’, the following message comes up:

‘We are unable to create an account for this company. Please contact us for more details’.

Following this, the ‘Contact’ button seems unresponsive


Good morning @SpellboundHEG,

We only offer single-user access at the moment, meaning that the app can’t run on two phones simultaneously and only the account holder may log in to the account. What I would suggest is giving a team card to your co-director, and to give them read only access.

For team cards tap More > Team cards (it should be at the bottom of the screen)

To give read only access, log into Tide on the Web. Once you’re in, click Account Management > Read access > Manage read access. You’ll then be able to add team members by entering their email addresses and mobile numbers. Keep your mobile handy – you’ll need it to authenticate your request.

I’ve linked the blogs here for additional information:

Multi-user access is on our Roadmap and you track our tech progress here: https://trello.com/c/KDvVoxAf/19-full-multiple-user-access

I hope this helps and should you have any further feedback or questions regarding your account, please contact our team at hello@tide.co or through the in-app chat - assistance is just a message away!

Best wishes,



I have been waiting for a useful response for 5 months so that I can access my account, it hasn’t been resolved yet and I have been given the same questions and answers repeatedly. They don’t have a functioning customer service at all.


Hello @aycaD ,

I have replied on the other thread. Could you please refer to it? In order to keep the communication in one place and avoid any confusion.

Thank you in advance.