I cannot access my account- it is URGENT - please fix it and actually respond!


i cannot access my account. i had to reinstall the app and since then you have rejected my ID, you have asked me to confirm my details, it’s been over 25h.

i cannot make any payments. I managed to log in using my old phone to the computer but it asked me for the code and it’s not recognising the code (which is correct).
I urgently have to pay a deposit and bills, you aren ot responding.

i sent emails tonight and i can see that you read my emails as I have a tracker, and instead of responding, you clicked on my whatsapp link in my email twice (? ? WHY???) and proceeded to ignore my emails.

this is totally unacceptable. i need access to my funds for both my accounts and i cannot access anything!!!
please FIX THIS NOW and the minute this is done i am moving my banking elswhere this is a disaster.


and consider this a formal complaint.


Hello @CarolinaB,

Thank you for contacting us and bringing the case to our attention.

We can confirm that our support team contacted you last night to confirm that the security checks have been completed and you are able to access your account.

We can see that our complaints team has contacted you an hour ago. If you have any further requests or you wish to address any in-depth information regarding the case, feel free to get back to them via the complaint thread you have together.



amazing that you manage to ignore all my messages sent to the mobile support but only respond when you get publicly shamed for your appalling service. i’m applying for accounts elsewhere because this experience has been a deal breaker. you are no longer a good bank.


Hi again @CarolinaB,

Our Member Support team has steadily dealt with high volumes of requests lately, but we truly appreciate your feedback, both about the quality of our support and any technical difficulties that you’ve experienced.

We can see the our complaints team already followed up on the case and requested a confirmation from you via the thread you have together.

Let us know if anything else comes up.



I am having the same problem as CarolinaB - you do not respond - this is a completely rubbish service - you are a failure as a bank !


they are awful.


Thank you both for your comments.

We’re dedicated to supporting our members to the best of our ability, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such an unpleasant experience.

Many of the processes we have in the app specifically for security are solely intended to make our members’ accounts safe to use at all times. We do our best to keep the account recovery process as straightforward as possible, and address such requests as quickly as we can.



it’s not just us though, look at your comment threads. you are absolutely useless as a company. if you promise 2h of disruption, then over 24h doesn’t quite cut it does it.