HRMC VAT payments rejecting Tide card


The “Credit Card” option is not available @Katie_at_Tide


Looks like there may have been some recent changes to HMRC payment options @mralistair and @nunommc,
I’ve just reached out to you both via the in-app chat to assist you with this :slight_smile:



I’m new to TIDE and just tried to make a Payment to HMRC using my TIDE card.
I got the same problem as the users above saying that my “card number does not match card type” .
please advise



We’ve just sent you an email to assist you with this @BobbingAlong :slight_smile:


@Katie_at_Tide, @Viktoria_at_Tide

HMRC are still charging a large fee for the use of the tide card. Can you please post the advice you’ve PM’d to other users here?



Hi @pw101,

You can now make these payments to HMRC by Faster Payments.

Let us know if you have any other questions, we’d be happy to help :slight_smile:


This is a huge frustration. Every single business account holder will have to pay HMRC. You really need to get this sorted out. Card payments are good for large tax bills as there’s very little to go wrong, whereas faster payments have much larger room for error.

Monzo are launching a business account soon, I’ll be keeping my eye on it!


I’ve just been researching this one as I’m about to close my Santander account now that I’m pretty sure if gotten all my stuff transferred to Tide.

Apparently if you use Curve as a proxy card, they don’t treat Curve’s card as a credit card so you can use that to pay and charge it to your Tide card. Haven’t tested it yet though.