HRMC VAT payments rejecting Tide card


Is anyone having this issue? I suspect because the card is not a debit card but rather Prepaid Commercial… Worldpay rejects it. Can anyone help?


I thought that the Tide card was not a prepaid card.


In a YouTube promotional video Youssef Darwich clearly says that their “Tide card is not a prepaid account”.



He says the Tide account (not referring to the card) is not a prepaid account, in that it comes with a sort code and an account number, into which one can receive Faster Payments.

As for the card itself, if you look in the upper-left corner of the back of the card, it does indeed say “Prepaid Commercial”.

Have you tried selecting any of the other MasterCard options other than ‘MasterCard debit’? You never know — it might even work with ‘MasterCard credit’.


Rather obvious suggestion, apologies, but do you have an option to pay by bank transfer? My accountant gave me an HMRC bank account number, sort code and reference which I set up as a payee in the app in the usual way.


What is the deal with this - i thought it was a fully fledged current account and not a prepaid card. I have tried to make payment to Microsoft Bing Ads today and getting error messages saying “sorry we don’t accept prepaid cards”


Hi @jl697, HMRC do accept Faster Payments if users request a sort code and account number. It looks like @outram has used this method to get around this. I do believe a member from the Help team has reached out via the in-app chat to assist you with your query privately.


Hi @The-gatekeeper, apologies for the confusion but as @baby pointed out, I was referring to the Tide account and not the card. The Tide account is a current account which means it can receive / make Faster Payments. However as you rightly pointed out, the card is a prepaid card which may not be accepted by a small group of merchants.

I hope this answers your questions and apologies once again for any confusion.


Hello there, HMRC only recognises the Tide card as a Mastercard credit card, which it is not, obviously. Consequently it just tried to charge me £78 to make this quarter’s VAT payment.


Hi @Viktoria_at_Tide, sorry to hear this. It is down to the merchant how they determine the Tide card. In your case, it has been identified as a credit card, hence the price you’re being charged. While there is nothing Tide can do right now to avoid people paying this fee, we aim to influence this in the future when we develop relationships with merchants.


While I appreciate TIDE would not want to contact every merchant such as Bing, the HMRC is a big concern that all companies and individuals have to deal with. I feel TIDE should act now and contact HMRC rather than put this off to a later date.


Hi @fencemaster,

If I recall correctly, from January 13, 2018, retailers and traders will no longer be allowed to charge consumers extra to pay by card. HMRC will no longer be allowing the use of personal credit cards, but will still allow business credit cards.

It’s therefore entirely possible that from January 13, 2018, you should be able to pay using the Tide card (even if HMRC continues to classify it as a credit card) without incurring any extra charges from HMRC. Probably best to reach out to them to see if this will indeed be the case.


and I recall they would not take any credit cards, only debit cards. While this can be clarified with HMRC the better course of action would be getting them to correctly reclassify the Tide cards as Debit cards.


Thanks @Viktoria_at_Tide but I’d hardly refer to HMRC as a merchant.


Hello @baby good spot re: that January 18th change, I’ve used the bank transfer option this time,which I am sure will be fine until then. I hope. Yes that’s what I’d have thought too @mirow it’s a debit card and should be correctly classified by HMRC.


Hello @fencemaster, I have been unable to use my Tide card at HMRC and Amazon. Why doesn’t Tide adopt a proper debit card instead of this troublesome prepaid card?


I’ve just come across this problem as my first Tide transaction.

Surely HMRC is going to be an organisation all Tide users have to pay in some way, having it like this seems rather silly.



Have you tried selecting ‘Credit Card’ (rather than ‘Debit Card’) as the payment method when paying with the Tide card on HMRC’s website?


Hi @Avionyx!
Just to confirm, the suggestions from @baby is correct, if you go ahead and select ‘Credit Card’ your payment should be successful :slight_smile:


FYI the HMRC no longer accept personal credit cards, and all the corporate card options dont seem to work.