How to use private and public API access keys generated via the mobile APP


I have created a public and secret key for the API via the app. I can’t see anywhere in the api documentation where these keys can be used to access the API.

Please can you point me to how I can submit these keys and make an api request. I can’t see it in the docs here:

It describes access via a token on this page but not access with keys.

Thanks in advance.


@bizpay Did you ever get an answer to this? Currently wondering the same thing!


We figured it out but not thanks to tide support. It’s not a key based system as is typical with API Access. The code you need to access the account is given in the confirmation url. So when you confirm your details through the process the key you need comes back in the url not via the app.

It’s odd admittedly as most other things don’t work like that. I think it’s because it was probably designed not to allow programmatic access to the account but to allow users to share data with other apps.

Luckily it does allow programmatic access to the account and you can get a statement that way. Can’t do anything else tho.


Thanks @bizpay that makes sense, but they should add that to the documentation!


Hi @bizpay and @robertsone, thank you for the feedback. As you stated, we offer two mechanisms for granting access through the existing public API, one which is initiated through the app and one which is described on the github page. I have raised your concerns with our production team and they will be updating the documentation to make it clearer. Thank you for drawing this to our attention.
Our Member Support team is on hand 7 days a week, so if you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out via the in-app chat, or email We’d be happy to help.
Thanks, Ali


Hi @bizpay,

Could you just explain this further

So when you confirm your details through the process the key you need comes back in the url not via the app.

By “process” do you mean when you sign in on the web using the QR code?



Hi @bizpay,

You can find more information on the open banking developer portal in the link below:

Please let me know if there’s anything else that I can assist you with, I’d be happy to help.