How to sue Tide?


How feasible it is to sue Tide for damages?

What can be done to make Tide even partially financially responsible?

I think GDPR. Currently looking to see if Tide did breach GDPR. Fines are substantial.

It does not matter if they will issue BBL later or not. Damage is done already.


Not worth it @sami22 , waste of time, energy & money.

Bbls run for another 3 months… after the overpaid k00bs have been off their jollies they will be inundated with calls and realisation of how many have been left out.

Nothing to be gained kicking tide in the bollocks, not to mention if youve got £’s to sue a millionaire backed company surely got the money to stay afloat.


Well said Cam.


Hello @sami22! I’m really sad about your post. I can encourage you to contact our Complaints team at and discuss with them your concerns. They will look into it further for you!


Cam works for tide