How to close my account due to not being able to use paypal


I have just opened up a tide account after quick browse on the website saying it works with PayPal. Once completed I tried registering my account through the app and the web browser. Neither work. I told the agent who set up my account and instead of him offering a solution he told me to come here and ask. A business account in 2020 is useless if you can’t integrate it with PayPal or stripe.

To add to that why do you still have it on your faq section that it’s compatible?

If it is can I have help please, if not I would like to close my account. How do I do that?


Hi there @rextek

Apologies for the delay in responding to you here, I’m glad to see that the team were able to forward you to the right department for the closure.

I’ll definitely look into the matter of keeping our FAQs up-to-date. If there have been any changes on PayPal’s side that would prevent Tide accounts from being linked there, we’ll definitely have a look into this.



Ok thank you. Please let me know what I need to do to close the account. As for a change with PayPal looking through the forums many customers have experienced this issue. I wish I had done more research from end users before signing up. There is no issue apart from time wasted as it was free to open but I do not want to incur any fees etc just leaving it dormant.

As to why tide has not already been talking with PayPal to sort this is business suicide. Unless they have already said no! They are adamant that your bank can’t be used as it’s not an actual bank?

And then… why have you made it so hard to close the account. I have been asking for days now. Yet the account was setup in a day with help from TWO assistants via the app. I mention close my account and I get told to visit a chat room.

From a customers point of view this is very strange and comes across very unprofessional.

I ask again please tell me how to close my account so I can do so immediately.

Kamal. :slight_smile:


Thank you again, Kamal.

I can see that the team have already started the closures process as you’ve requested and it’ll be completed as soon as possible.

In regard to PayPal, we did not have any specific integrations set up with them, though it would seem that something in regard to their policies has changed that would cause Tide accounts to be excluded in this way. I’ve passed that along to the team as well, so we can properly look into solutions.