How soon will international transactions be available?


Hi, I have recently opened a business account with Tide but I wasn’t made aware that a IBAN number isn’t provided with your services. I like everything about the platform and the account, however, without a IBAN number my business operations is awfully limited.

I am open to wait a little while for this crucial part of your services to be introduced. Could someone be so kind and give me a timeframe when this issue will be arranged?


Hi @GingerWolf and @Autonomous,

I have added you both to the waitlist.

I’m afraid I cannot confirm an exact timeline but you can get in touch with our Member Support team via the in-app chat if you’d like to have more details.



Thank you Valentine.


pls add me to the waitlist. thx


Hi @ctcapm1,

Happy to confirm that I have added you to the waitlist :slight_smile: