How soon will international transactions be available?


Hi @sparkgareth, I can confirm that you are on our Tide Preview programme!


Hi Viktoria,
Okay, just to let you know that the my name is Tim Beckmann and my email address is: and I use an Android device.


Hi Guy,

I am afraid these IBAN numbers won’t work and we would therefore not recommend using them nor endorse this approach.

Let us know if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help :slight_smile:


Hi @Valentine_at_Tide and @Viktoria_at_Tide, thank you for the update. Do you when the IBAN and international payment will be available?


Hi @aajraou, we anticipate this to become available within the next several months. In fact, last week a lucky member tested it! I’ll keep you informed on any updates :slight_smile:


hi viktoria,

can i confirm i’m on the list to get an invite?
is there any timeline on when iban testing will be available?

everything seems to have gone very quiet…



Hi @rupertchandler, I can confirm you’re on Tide preview. I can’t provide an exact timeline just yet but we hope to invite members to test the product within the next several weeks.


cool… want to crack on and get my incoming payments coming in via tide so i can ditch lloyds!!


Why did nobody tell me about this?


Hi @thisisthetechie! I have just reached out to you via the in-app chat regarding being added to our Tide Preview waitlist :slight_smile:


Hi, just looking for an update on the topic (last @Viktoria_at_Tide update was 2 months ago). Would really love to see this come into fruition! Thanks, Lucy


Hi @lucyvm!
We’re testing it now, while we can’t confirm an exact date just yet, it is coming soon.
I have just reached out to you via the in-app chat to have you added to the Tide Preview waitlist :slight_smile:


Hello Victoria. Trialing would also help me too,soare there any spaces…


Hi again @DebraPring! I have just reached out to you via the in-app chat regarding joining the Tide Preview waitlist :smile:


Cool thank. You



I am the happy owner of a new account (HH World Ltd account 06755411) and as many here I have international customers (most of them are) so it would be really nice to know when the ability to recieve international payements will be effective…
Seems the answer “soon” is around for months , and this world can be used in so many situations, so in what unit should we count ? Days, weeks, months, years…


Hi @Aime!

The Help team has reached out through the app with some more information :slight_smile:

We’re in the final stages of testing with our Product Development team! We’ve very excited about the product and will let our members know as soon as it launches.


Please could you add me to the test program? I requested this in January so am dissapointed I’ve not been added already. :frowning:

Do you have a eta, it’s hard not to get cynical over you not committing to any dates for a feature which some of us have been waiting a very long time for.


Hi, I have just signed up for Tide and IBAN transfers are a must. I would like clarity on dates for release of this functionality and to be included in the preview programme.
Many thanks, Tim


Hi Toby,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m happy to confirm that you’re on the Tide preview list :slight_smile:

Members on iOS with a Registered Business account should hear from us soon with Android members to follow shortly after. I am afraid I can’t confirm an exact date but we’ll be providing more details about the feature and its functionalities soon.

Thanks again for your support and patience.