How soon will international transactions be available?


Hi there,
You’ve been saying that making international transactions available (receiving and paying) to clients is coming on very soon, well this is a very important aspect for what my company does. I know that you’ve given a couple of alternative ways of doing this (Transferwise being 1 of them), though obviously it would be much easier to have this available with yourselves.
How soon are you likely to have it set up for us customers?


Hi @Tim_B, thanks so much for reaching out! Our Product Development Team are excited to begin rolling out international payment features on Tide Preview in the coming weeks. The feature will launch once testing on Tide Preview has been completed. It’s also worth highlighting that international transactions will become available on iOS first and Android following this in Preview.

I would like to thank you for your patience. We’re aware of the high demand and we really appreciate our Members patience. We do have numerous new features in the development pipeline for 2018 that we can’t wait to share them with our community :slight_smile:


I’d love to help test this feature if possible. How do you join the tide preview program?


Will the ability to recieve international payments be implemented at the same time. I’m having a few issues with European customers not willing to use Transferwise or similar.


Hi @kenny, just DM me your email and first name. I’ll then add you to our preview programme :slight_smile:


hi, would very much like to join preview.

my main client is in netherlands and the main reason i’m not using tide fully yet is the lack of international payments, as soon as its available we will use tide. can’t come soon enough…



Okay, well thanks for this Viktoria.
Is the Preview ready yet and is my name on it?


Hi @Tim_B, international payments on IBAN will be available in Preview in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I can add you to the programme. Could you DM me your name, email and type of device that you use?


Hi @rupertchandler, we appreciate how this may limit your use of Tide but really pleased to inform you that IBAN is coming soon on Tide Preview. Do DM me your email, name and device name. I can then add you to the programme :slight_smile:


Hi Viktoria,

Name: Rupert Chandler
Device: Samsung S8





Hey Viktoria, please can I be added to the preview list? I’ve got a brand new client in the UK who can’t set me up as a supplier until I can give them an IBAN, and transfer wise are telling me it’ll be 4 days before they can create an account.

Name: Guy Loftus
Tabac Creative Ltd

Iphone SE


Hi Viktoria,

What happens next?

Rup :wink:


Hi @rupertchandler, in several weeks time you’ll receive an email inviting you to trial international payments. I hope you’re excited as we are :smiley:




Sooner the better, want to get sorted before new financial year starts…



Thanks for sending me your details @gjdloftus . I’ve added you to the programme and you’ll receive an invite in several weeks!


Will the trial be of SWIFT or SEPA Credit Transfers?


Brilliant, thanks Viktoria!


@Viktoria_at_Tide we would also like to be added to trial the international payments feature if possible.
Please let me know what you need from me.



If anyone needs an IBAN number just to validate their account with a client etc, not for international payments, then you can use this website:

The BIC for Prepay Technologies is PRTCGB21

I just had an issue signing up as a supplier with a large institution, they needed an IBAN from me to complete the Supplier Registration. Spoke to the accounts department, they used a similar software supplied by Swift to generate my IBAN. Did some googling after and this website came up. It generated the exact same number as the Swift software did.


Yay! Looking forward to this - means that we can start accepting donations from Facebook directly!
@Viktoria_at_Tide I think I’m already enrolled in Tide Preview - would you be happy to check? :slight_smile: