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It seems that for legal reasons lenders cannot reveal how much money they have been allocated. But virtually every other banks is revelling in how much they have lent to businesses. Starling say over £90million other banks even more.

So how much have Tide actually lent?
How many businesses have been accepted for loans?
How many staff are working on these loans?
How long does each take to process?

At the moment the juries out over which will happen first. a Tide BBL or a cure for Covid-19. The lack of clarity is killing our businesses.

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    May '20
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90 million really isnt much. Less than 20,000 loans even at a low figure of £5000 each.

The actual amount isn’t the point but serves as a gauge to how quickly they have been working through the list.

They could have been going at break neck speed under the surface but on top they look like a swan drifting along as if they are doing nothing.

I’m just trying to get some kind of metrics from them.

@Valentine_at_Tide any chance you can answer these questions. You have been able to offer Bounce Back Loans for 9 days now. We need numbers so we can determine how much longer this process is going to take.

There should be no legal reason you cannot answer any of these questions. From the outside this looks like a total fiasco.

Please provide answers to these questions then we can get some clarity.

I’ve just had an email from Starling telling me how they’ve now lent over £400m to businesses. Thats the sort of communication we want from Tide.

You are joking , two weeks on and still no honest transparent information from Tide .

My business is about to collapse and all I get from Tide is SHUT UP AND GO AWAY

Guys have you seen TIDEs review in trustpilot?

mostly talks about BBL… and they said straight forward BBL appplication released in 1 day)LOL). most of the reviewer has only 1 review. I dont thinks those are real reviews… mostly recent reviews some are 4 minutes ago.

Guys we need to to review TIDE in trustpilot about our experience with tide
https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/tide.co 10

Hi all,

Thank you for your patience - we are reading all your comments and have been taking your feedback on board. We have just shared a new blog post answering the questions we have been receiving the most over the past two weeks.

From that list, I wanted to highlight the below question:

Based on the current amount Tide has available to lend, how many more Bounce Back Loans do you expect to deliver? You say you’re lending in batches – how often are new batches created and how many are in each batch?

We aim to offer a Bounce Back Loan to everyone who registered with us who is eligible. We’re currently scaling up to deliver hundreds of millions of pounds in loans.

This week – the first week of June, three weeks since our accreditation to deliver Bounce Back Loans – Oliver, our CEO, will write to all members again with an update on our lending. We’ll continue to write these updates regularly.

Remember, we’re aiming to offer loans to as many of you as possible – but we can’t promise that we’ll be able to do this. To find out more about the various factors that affect our lending, read the FAQ: When will I get a loan from Tide? I need a loan right now.

You can see the full post here 7.

I hope this helps.


Hi @parot,

Rest assured that the reviews you see on Trustpilot are from genuine Tide members. You can see the ‘verified’ :heavy_check_mark: sign next to their review, which shows they wrote the review after their experience with Tide.
You can also read here 2 about Trustpilot 's department dedicated to fighting fake reviews.


You are manually collecting review. VERIFIED does not mena a thing. Why dont/ you invite all the people here.

Just to remond you we are business owners. we are not an 8 hours customer service worker. WE have trust pilot as well. so we knoe how it works, Infact there are companies who offer a service to give a company a posite review every day for a fee…