How can you contact tide for an urgent response


Yani_at_Tide or Valentine_at_Tide,
Please can one of you come back to me ASAP. I am experiencing the same problems as many above.
This truly is not good enough. Especially given the current circumstances with Corona Virus.
Surely there is only a certain amount of times you can apologise?
Distress is not even close.


Hi @Si343,

If this is still not resolved, can you advise me on your company name so we can chase this further?

Thank you for your cooperation.


Hi Misa,
I have reported fraudulent transactions on my business account and the theives are still trying to get more money out of the account. I have had no support from any security , fraud or dispute teams that Tide may have, its been 12.5 hours now.
I wonder how long it will take the thieves to find another hole and drain the account.


So 23 Hrs after the theft of money form my account I receive a communication saying please be patient, the dispute team will contact you.
When you trust a company such as Tide with your money, the expectant is that they will look after it securely, if there is an issue you would expect them to act swiftly and communicate with you and reassure you that they will resolve the issue asap and get your money back.

This is a measure of how good a company Tide is, they are not a bank, but a e-money service, but you still expect good customer service when dealing with other people money.


Hello, we have raised this with our disputes team and they will be in touch shortly to assist you furhte rin recovering your funds.


29 hours and counting


Hello, I can see that the relevant team has been in touch, in order to assist further, however, they have not gotten a reply from you. Could you please follow up with them, so they can complete the process? Thank you.


I have had no access to my account for 24 hours and nobody has called and i have had one email back. I would think a customer not having access to their accout is priority i have sent over 10 emails yesterday asking for someone to contact me. I realy just want to take my money and go somewhere else. This is the second time i have been left in a difficult position because of poor customer support. The first happend 2 years ago when they lost £1000 and insisted it was my fault. I had to go to the financial ombusman to get some sort of compesation for the missing funds. I juat want out i want someone to talk to so i can transfere all my funds put and close the account but not before i am compensated for not having access to my account for over 24 hours, but i guess i will need to contact the ombudsman for that . Bills needed to be paid yesterday. Im contacting the ombudsman today


It took them over 3 months to resolve my missing £1000 pounds and they offerd no compensation


Hi there @Ari1

I assume that you’ve tried to go through the account recovery process already - I believe what’s been keeping you from successfully completing it is that you may have been using and contacting us from an email that’s not associated with your account.

I’ve let the team know so that they can reach out to you as soon as possible and help you regain your access first and foremost. If you’d like to submit a complaint, you can just let the team know and they’ll pass this along to the complaints team who’ll investigate thoroughly for you. We want to show that we’re member-first in all things.



Ok so why is it takjng so long for someone to call me back ??? It should be simple thing to get me access to my online account that is the main selling point of your bank is that it is online. I need access to my funds today please. My charges are adding up as we speak. This is now the second business day i cant access my account



We are a company that have just moved to Tide and are trying to make payments for wages today for tomorrow and our transaction has been hit with a security approvals. we have been messaging all day and no one has replied. this is very urgent with over 100 people reliant on this.


Hello is anyone there ??? If i dont get a call back today i will have no option but to come to your head office in person and demand somone speak to me. This is urgent


Hello im still waiting this is day two going into day three and still nobody has contacted me i literally cant wait another day


Hi there @DanSyn

I’ve just brought this up to the responsible team, we do have to perform these checks from time to time, but we do our best not to have them be too intrusive. The team will reach out to you as soon as they possibly can.

@Ari1 I’ve asked your account manager to give you priority and reach out as soon as humanly possible to assist you with regaining your access. I understand that you need this urgently.