How can you contact tide for an urgent response?


Does anyone have a contact number to actaully speak to Tide? Ive tried using the app with no resposnes from yesterday and emailing this morning on

Money has been transfered to my account and its just not showing. Ive never had this with any bank ive used (I even have proof of transfer)


Hello @Stavvieboy!

I can see your two messages and I will review the matter for you and reply to you there shortly!

Please anticipate my message!


Thank you for a response finally but, that does answer where my money is! The monies have left the other companies account, was made as same day and yet, im here waiting for tide to show the funds in my account.

Where are these funds?


Another respsonse received.

How can there be delays in you depositing my money? And how the hell can you respond saying “There could be further delays wait until tomorrow”

The money was transfered yesterday as same day transfer, the funds cleared their accounts yesterday yet, somewhow there could a delay? They have chekced with all other arties they tranferd monies to and they have all receievd theirs.

What are Tide doing with my funds?


From the provided information, it seems that the payment should reflect today and it’s still within the standard processing times, however, sometimes delays are possible.


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