How can I open with non UK phone?



I would like to open an account for my UK company but I live in Spain.

If I go to open an account on your website I can´t select the Spain phone number prefix (+34) it only has UK phone number prefix (+44) and for this, I can´t open the account with you.

Also, I tried to install your APP in my smartphone but your APP is unavailable in PlayStore in Spain.

Help me please.

Kind regards.


Hi @rodrimar, thank you for getting in touch. I am afraid that our members do need a valid UK phone number in order to apply for an account, and a device registered to a UK App/ Play store.

You can read more about our requirements here: Can I open an account?

I’m sorry that we couldn’t help in this instance - you’re welcome to apply if you gain access to a UK number and app store.

Thank you, Ali