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Please can someone contact me regarding my account! Card declined since yesterday and payments from clients bounced back today.

Messaged 6 times and no response.

I need to be able to use my account

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    May '20
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    Aug '20
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Hi @Swattesfield34,

I’m sorry to hear this. I have asked our Member Support team to follow up on a private channel to further assist you with this.

We’re experiencing very high volumes of messages at the moment but they will be in touch as soon as possible.


Hello still not resolved now DD payments being refused. I need the account functioning today or with have to find an alternative

Hi again.

I need invoice run today currently I can not do this with my Tide account. Please can someone look inti this otherwise I will have to go back to quickbooks and TSB! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hi @Swattesfield34,

Sorry to hear you’re still having issues - I have asked our support team to contact you and they will be in touch via the in-app chat as soon as they can.

Thank you,

Thanks but its now day 3 of having no banking services snd no real response. Need something to happen 3pm or will have to issue invoices with an alternative account details


I am trying to login to my account from a desktop computer is this possible?

Hi both,

@Swattesfield34 I’m sorry for the delay with this. I know the team has been in touch and I believe this is now all resolved.

@lettings2, you can access your account from a desktop at web.tide.co 1 by using the QR code scanner found within your Tide app.

Currently we support the following browsers:

  • Chrome - evergreen
  • Microsoft Edge - evergreen
  • Safari - evergreen
  • Firefox - evergreen
  • Internet Explorer 11 - partially supported


Hi @lettings2, you can find the QR code scanner in the “more” menu of your app.

You’ll see a “log into your computer” button in the “tools and services” section of the menu.

Hope this helps!


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