HELP need with Masters thesis research


Dear Tide Team,

I am a student at the Cracow University of Economics in Poland following a Master in International Business.

Currently I am writing my thesis on the r ole of customer involvement in new service development and, as a case study for my thesis, I have chosen Tide.

The purpose of my research is to explore how service innovation and delivery can be enhanced using customers’ inputs.

For the research I would need to interview 4 people from the company that are actively involved in dealing with customers’ input: 2 people from the strategic level and 2 people from the operational level of your company.

I would be extremely grateful if we could arrange a call to discuss the topic of my research into more detail.

This information will be highly valuable for the research and can be used for enhancing customer experience at Tide.

I look forward to hearing from you with a date and time when we can have a call.

Thank you!

Stefan Arhire