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The coronavirus outbreak and recent lockdown in the UK meant a lot of SMEs have had to diversify or pivot to continue trading.

We would like to hear from you, our members, your best tips on how to adapt.

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I’m sorry to bring this onto a public forum but as my in-app messages are not even being acknowledged then I’m left with no other option as our business is in a totally desperate situation.

COVID-19 has had a totally devastating effect on my business. We deal in travel and entertainment and our business has totally dried up since the beginning of March. We have no income coming into the business and are now only dealing with outgoing refunds to clients.

Two weeks ago, our account was paused due to the high amount of money going out of the it. This made a bad situation ten times worse as we were unable to refund clients. Customers started to get irate and would not believe us when we claimed we were having issues with our bank account, they thought we were just making excuses and were putting off refunding them. We have a company promise of 24 hour refunds and our account being paused led to our reputation being massively effected by clients believing we are misleading them.

This was all explained in the in app chat but it took 4 days before I got a response to say the refunds had now been whitelisted and the account was back up and running again.

Then 6 days later after many more refunds to our clients, the account was paused again. I asked about this and was told in app that you would look into it and get back to me but since then nothing. Two more messages have been ignored.

Last time it was bad enough but this time is even worse. My staff were due to be paid on 31st March and now it’s 2 days later and they still haven’t been paid. 3 of them are now late with their mortgage payments. 2 of them literally have no money in their bank accounts. We are also late with our office rent payment that was also due on 31st March. This is on top of the more and more angry customers who are ringing and emailing us constantly, demanding we refund them immediately for their cancelled tours.

This is really unacceptable for the same thing to happen days after it last occurred. All the refunds going out our account are going directly to the same customers that paid into our account within the last 3 months. Surely it should be easy to whitelist all of these payments.

I appreciate you have a process you need to go through but I can’t accept not being kept updated with this and having my messages ignored.

in the 12 years of our company being in business, COVID-19 is the most difficult situation we have ever been in. It has decimated our business and had led to staff being inundated with more work than they have ever had to deal with before due to having to deal with all the cancellations and refunds caused by COVID-19. Tide has made an already incredibly difficult situation much much worse.

Hello Dylan, we completely understand that the current times are very difficult not only to our members, but to business owners alike.

We are very sorry that this has happened to you. We will review this with priority and will come back to you shortly, in order to assist further on the situation.

1 month later

I am having to resurrect this thread as I now find my account being paused for the THIRD time during lockdown.

My initial message sent through the app regarding this was sent 24 hours ago has not been responded to, neither has my follow up message sent this morning.

I’m sorry Tide, but this is simply not acceptable to leave your long standing loyal customers with their bank accounts restricted for several days and on multiple occasions. I have scheduled payments that have been missed, customers who have had their payments rejected, and suppliers who have sent refunds to me that have also been rejected - refunds that I have been chasing up for 2 months, and now will likely have to chase from the start all over again.

I was given an apology the last time this happened and told that you would try to ensure it didn’t happen again. But what good is this when it just keeps happening? How am I supposed to have any trust in you in future when this happens again and again, causing me huge stress each time? An account being paused should be an urgent priority for you. To not even acknowledge a support question within 24 hours is infuriating.

Thank you for following-up with us on this, Dylan.

We’ve made sure to get the responsible teams working on resolving this situation for you. We’ll follow-up with you in the in-app chat as it’s a bit more secure and we can share the full details there.

Thank you very much for being patient with us thus far, I completely understand how frustrating this situation must be.


8 days later

We’ve doubled down on being specialists in our field whilst also downsizing a significant amount of our costs. We now have several mid to large pieces of business that have a likely start-date of June, likely paying out in late July. We’ve also taken the time to redesign the appearance and content of our website which is going live by the end of the month to further communicate our refined approach.

Overall it’s hardly a dream scenario but it has certainly allowed us to catch up on many things that had been on our “to-do” list for months.