Have just recieved suspect Text Message - has Tide been hacked?


I’ve just recieved this message from Tide by SMS on my phone:

Please confirm your payment of RUB 3,870.xx (removed) to IRSMARKET.RU using the code xxxxxx (removed)

I know nothing about this - and have logged into the TIDE phone and web app to check - nothing has spent from my account thankfully.

However, Tide may not reply for 14 hours after sending a support message - isn’t this urgent??


Is this a compromised debit card number most likely? I have now frozen the card in the app. Should I cancel it and order a new one?


Thanks for letting us know about this @nicktalbot

If you don’t recognise a payment that’s been attempted using your Tide card, especially an overseas one as this one appears to be - freezing the card, cancelling it and ordering a replacement is the best thing to do. The replacement should reach you within a couple of days, 5 working days at most.

Fraudulent attempts at payment can be pretty crafty, but I’m glad that the 3D Security was able to alert you of this one accordingly.

If you need any further assistance, please let me know!