Gov support


Seems to be a little bit of internal movement recently towards all of us forgotten poor sods And the support given by gov…

Some articles in various newspapers too.

Incredibly rich of the Con artists to say no to support due to Potential for fraud but allow dormant Ltd companies to claim loans.

Movement none the less :pray:


Article on the bbc:


Seems to be a great deal of a media push recently in regards to all self employed and excluded tax payers not recieving any assistance…

Feeling ever more optimistic the government will have to crumble soon.


Guys please take a moment to fill this in:

Personal grievance from no support through COVID-19 they will be discussing it on the 26th June - the more of us that do it and take it seriously the more likely they will have too.

Once you fill in your details they require a word document with your position / problems / mental health / business going under etc etc filled out and uploaded.



France plans 2 years of furlough support in the aftermath of coronavirus…

& our government are too f’in lazy to help all our citizens out.

If only we didn’t have Corbin as the opposition in the last election we wouldn’t be in such a mess.