Getting a response from service team


I need an urgent payment to be released which you have rejected and am getting no response from the chat funtion - help


Hi @Carolinejj, thank you for getting in touch. Nick from our Member Support team is looking into your query now and will respond ASAP. Our apologies for any delay.
Thank you, Ali


I have the same issue(payment blocked message)… help!!!


Yep I have exactly the same issue today and despite numerous messages to Tide there has been no response!
So frustrating grrrrrrr


I’m also having nightmares with Support. I’m trying to track down a VAT refund that HMRC made in error to a closed Tide account (there is now a new Tide account for the same company). Tide state the payment was returned to HMRC but HMRC have confirmed in writing that it was not returned to them. But whenever I try to get Support to find out where the payment is, they either don’t answer, or most frustratingly of all, close the conversation so I have to start a new one! Been battling away on this one for weeks and it’s complete crashed my company’s cashflow. Anyone know a better way of getting Tide to take you seriously?



Our apologies for the delayed response on this forum. We understand that all the issues referenced in this thread have now been resolved and we have passed all feedback on to our management teams. We have been upscaling our Member Support team here in London, and in our sister branch in Sofia, and we now offer 24/7 support via our app.

If you do need any further support please do reach out via the app, the team will be on hand to assist.