Genuine Questions


Hi @Obi_at_Tide,

What happened to the “hundreds of millions” that Tide was due to deliver soon"?

What happened to the “tracker” that was due to be delivered “soon”?

Why did Tide keep a waitlist open for BBL’s and new account openings, despite having no funding in place?

What happened to Tide “standing with us”?

What happened to Tide in the last month that suggested it would be a good idea to keep a massive national adverytising campaign?

Why are members being charged for their plus or premium account membership, when such a service is not being delivered?

What happened to the callback our company was due on Friday? We are now 5 days later.


Everything which has been stated has purely been a delay tactic. People opted to join as a different option to a high street bank have now been punished for doing that. I’ve stopped using the account as I fear what little money I have left wouldn’t be safe.


Thank you both for being active here.

We will do our best to address queries regarding the BBLS, or any other issues you’d like to bring up. We have posted comprehensive updates and answers to your posts on this thread here.


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