Funds haven’t been transferred


i’ve been reading a lot on the tide community support forum and a staggering amount of people have been complaining about not getting the money after weeks and weeks of asking for it. and having to force your hand to send the money. I hope this is not the case here, i’ve given you everything you need the next step should really be depositing the money into my account. which i hope you have achieved this already, i don’t want to chase my own money. As a bank you guys have to be better as you’re playing with someone else’s money


Good morning, @drffa

Thank you for following up on this - I understand that you’ve already been in communication with my colleagues in the app. They’ll let you know if we need any kind of documentation from here.

The processes you’ve discussed with them always take a varying amount of time, so please be patient, they’re simply doing their due diligence and will let you know when their part is done as soon as possible.



Could this take more than a week


It really tends to differ, I wouldn’t be able to give you any specific timeframe unfortunately.

The team will check in with you as soon as there’s been any progress.



Can i confirm that still nothing has been done. i still do not have my money


Hey there.

Unfortunately, there’s really no more detail or update that I could provide for you on the forums here.

I will be checking with the team of course, but you’ll receive their update as soon as they’re able to reach out to you.


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