French citizen UK LLP


Hi, I am a French citizen, living in St Barths (French Island), I used to live in the UK and have an extensive history of work in the UK. I have been banking (personal) with the UK for 25 years and I have a SS number in the UK as well. 2 weeks ago, I have created a UK LLP that is a joint partnership between Myself as an individual + my Estonian Limited Company ( whom I am the unique shareholder and director). Through my LLP, I offer entertainment consulting to entities and advise them on what kind of entertainment is right for them. Example, a hotel wants to upgrade the type of event they offer to their customer, I will consult for them and they will pay me hourly for my service.

I want to open a tide account but a person called Lucinda at tide, told me that my business cannot work with tide because tide doesn’t deal with Estonia ( EU) companies, and with complex ownership structures (there is only one person, ME 100%, French citizen) and the LLP is in the UK.

I have uploaded all my documents and everything regarding my LLP and regarding my OU (limited company) in Estonia, can be found online. I need to know how I can have the Tide account opened, please help.

I need to say that it feels very strange also to be talking on a cell phone, with someone one doesn’t have the name of, uploading documents such as my passport copy, company documents, my face, and in the end someone telling me we don’t want you.

I need at least in virtue of European law, a copy of the information you are holding on me, it feels like throwing my passport copy in the abyssal and I don’t like it.

Thank you.


Hi @trillionway, thank you for your post. I understand that my colleague from our on-boarding team has reached out to give you more information about your application with Tide. We’re on a mission to help business owners spend less time on money admin, and we want to enable as many small businesses as possible to do that, but it’s a balancing act. We can’t take on accounts that we deem currently outside of our scope as that means we’re not able to focus our necessary time on the rest of our members. You can read more here -

I’m sorry that we were unable to assist you at this time. If you wish for us to remove your data please don’t hesitate to get in touch at and our team would be happy to help you.

Thank you, Ali


Hi Ali-C, actually I am not happy at all, the reason your colleague gave me is that I was not a resident in the UK, but on your website, you do say that you are open to non-residents in the UK. My financial advisor who recommended Tide to me, and I are extremely surprised by what you are telling me.

My business is crystal clear and I visited the link you are sending me and I am extremely disappointed and outraged that you did not visit my websites and could even think one moment that I could be dealing with these types of businesses below !!! Here is the list of what you don’t want. Please DO NOT EVEN SUGGEST publicly that I have anything to do with these businesses below because I am an Entertainment consultant with 20 years of business in the UK and all around the world and in Hollywood and I’m FRENCH. I don’t deal with what you describe on the links you sent me. This is once again absolutely outrageous. What made you think a second I was involved with these businesses ??? And what are you protecting your so-called community from my entertainment consulting really? Not cool.

  • Trading of cryptocurrencies
  • Trading of precious metals and stones
  • Money services (such as foreign exchange, loan providers, money transfers)
  • Casinos, prize draws and other betting or gambling activities
  • Sale of unlicensed pharmaceuticals
  • Trading of weapons, explosives or armaments
  • Unlicensed trading and processing of scrap metal
  • Unlicensed waste management
  • Sale, import and export of used vehicles or heavy machinery
  • Escort services and other services in the adult industry
  • Bidding fee auctions
  • Unregistered charities and charities that aren’t incorporated
  • Sale or trade of cannabidiol (CBD) products

And to finish, I want to say that it seems that your service does not work very well, it seems a lot of your customers are in distress trying to fix their account and deal with it, it doesn’t seem to be very easy to have an account with Tide from what I read in the forum I am receive mails from all the time with customers having problems.

It’s not a great way to actually promote your brand and take our money because in the end, we all know what you want.


Hi @trillionway, I sincerely apologise for any offence caused, my message was not intended in this way at all. Our blog post gives a summary of some of the reasons we may not be able to offer an account, but is not meant to be definitive.

There is a combination of reasons why we were unable to offer an account in this case. One factor was the residency of the directors in the partnership. Please rest assured that this in not specific in any way to France. We apologise for any inconvenience caused if this information was not communicated to you in the correct way.

We really hope that as we grow we’ll be able to expand the scope of businesses we’re able to accept. For all businesses profit is important, but we also really value the opinion of our members. We’re working hard to solve any issues and would never intentionally cause distress or offence, so please accept my apologies for this.

If there is anything you’d like to speak about in more details please don’t hesitate to get in touch at, I’d be very happy to discuss this with you.

Thank you, Ali