FreeAgent integration FAQ


How do I set-up the integration?

The integration is available via the web only - you can access it here.

It’s simple - you’ll need to follow these 3 steps to link your account:

  1. Authorise Tide on your FreeAgent account
  2. Authorise FreeAgent on your Tide account
  3. Select the Tide account(s) you want to match with your FreeAgent “bank accounts”, and select a date from which the transactions to be updated from

Click here to get started.

I’m getting an error message: “Cannot verify email address”
Please ensure that you are entering the email address associated with your Tide account. You can verify what this in the app under “More” and “About Me”.

Why have my previous transactions not synced?
Transactions will sync every 24 hours.
If transactions still haven’t synced after 24 hours, this is likely because you haven’t selected the correct dates to sync during the connection process. You’ll need to restart the connection process making sure to delete the initial authorisation in the app. You can do this within the Tide App by tapping “More”, followed by “Data Permissions” and then “Delete Application” under the FreeAgent link. Then restart the connection process here, using the correct syncing dates.

I have more than one Tide current account. How can I add them?
During the setup process, you’ll be given the option to match multiple Tide accounts with FreeAgent “bank accounts”.

During the connection, I’m being asked to create a new FreeAgent “bank account” - what does this mean?
For the connection to work, you’ll need to create a FreeAgent “bank account” for us to send transactions to. Your Tide transactions will then be pushed into FreeAgent “bank accounts”, where you’ll be able to reconcile transactions.

Our coming of age
Information before signing up

hi, you have UX problem here

whats the format of the date? I can’t play guess game all day long unfortunately.


Hi Sergiy,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

I believe a member of our Help team has reached out to further assist you and that this is now all resolved but please don’t hesitate to get back to them if you experience any further issues.



What should the date format be?


Warning: for me the ‘from’ date was ignored and hundreds of duplicate transactions were imported. The only way to remove these is to manually delete them.

Very poor design on the set up form as Mamezito pointed out. I found it accepted the date in format YYYY/MM/DD and entered 2018/04/01. I also left the historic transactions checkbox unticked. But all transactions were still imported.

Contacted Freeagent support and have been advised I need to manually delete all du[plsicate transactions. Thankfully I ‘only’ have a year and a few hundred transactions. Would be a nightmare if longer or a busier account.

If this wasn’t a one off then it’s going to cause users a load of. trouble and wasted time so I think you need to at least update the instructions above.

Other than that – super happy to have this integration! Auto feeds are a huge time saver. Thank you.


Hi @eclondon,

I can confirm the right date format is: YYYY/MM/DD

Let us know if you’ve other questions, we’d be happy to help.


Hi @gplat2000 ,

I’m really sorry to hear you experienced trouble with this. We’re working to fix the duplicate and date issues you mentioned.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. Let us know if you’ve other questions, we’d be happy to help!



just to update on this. The integration is creating duplicates even in months where I haven’t already manually added any transactions within Freeagent myself. It’s also automatically assigning categories/explanations to these transactions. Unfortunately it shut seems very broken right now. Freeagent support have passed this on to their engineers and asked that I also flag this with Tide – I’ll file a support a issue.


Hi all,

I am happy to let you know that the duplication and date issues are now fixed :slight_smile:

You should no longer experience any problems but please do get in touch if it’s the case!


Do I have to enable bank feed in the account or are the above steps enough? How do I sync or does it work automatically? If so how often per day? Can I start the sync manually if needed? I am new to Tide but I am using FreeAgent for a long time. Thank you!


Hi Christiane,

And welcome to Tide :slight_smile:

To link your account, you’ll only need to follow the above 3 steps, you don’t have to enable bank feed. The sync works automatically once a day overnight. I’m afraid you can’t do it manually.

Let me know if you’ve any other questions, I’m happy to help.