Fraudulent use of account


I realised on Friday my account had been drained of all but £2.41 last week with a series of fraudulent transactions. I reported this immediately and was asked to wait 48hrs. Given my whole account was taken I was expecting a call from Tide with some sort of reassurance. Instead I just have my messages left without a response. I am a very small business - however my business does support my family entirely as a single parent and this is a huge worry for me. I have orders I must place today to ensure timely delivery of stock to fulfil MY obligations to MY customers - which happens to be flowers for their wedding day!! I will not risk my reputation because of poor systems your side.
Luckily one of my happy customers is the Consumer Affairs Editor (Katie Morley) of The Telegraph who has been in touch with me this morning.
I await swift resolution to this TODAY.


Hi @Kirsty, thanks for reaching out!

Our priority is to keep our members and their money safe, and to ensure that Tide accounts are not being used for illicit activity.

We do not do this just because of our regulatory obligations, we feel a moral duty to fight financial crime and think that financial institutions and fintech companies have an opportunity to make a much wider societal impact. You can read more about our efforts here:

We can assure you that situations where fraud occurs are always treated with the utmost urgency. I can see that an agent from the Dispute team has been in touch with you in regards to your query.

If you have any other questions or queries, message our team as they will be happy to assist you.



Hi Nick,
I have to disagree. I was told when I reported the issue 48hrs (even that seemed a long time frame). That has long passed and I have just had a message from Joe to say you are chasing your ‘partners’. No time frame, no reassurance, entirely vague!
Not good enough!! Neither is copy and pasted responses telling me how seriously you take security. That doesn’t help me, sat on a Monday morning with an empty bank account, with payments bouncing and orders I must place today.

When I was first thinking of opening a Tide account I posted a few questions on your Facebook page. Following that I got private messages from a stranger telling me I shouldn’t bank with you. I screenshot and and sent them to you guys. I got a PHONECALL from one of your team very soon afterwards to apologise and to discuss it further. Can you see how frustrated I am with not receiving that same level of urgency over something as important as this?


Hi @Kirsty, we are sorry you feel this way and we empathise with your frustration. Our colleague from the Dispute team has been in touch with you this afternoon in regards to your query.

If you do have any other questions or queries, please message our team via the in-app chat.

I do hope this helps.