Fraudulent Transactions TIDE


3 days ago we spotted 3 fraudulent transactions on our bank account for over £1000. We contacted Tide customer care via the chat straight away. Someone answered that they were investigating the issue. After that, complete silence. We tried to contact the customer care several times and we haven’t received any answer, which is quite embarassing. No phone call, nothing.

I am really disappointed no one has been in touch to tell me what the next steps are and how this is going to be handled.

Following the FCA regulation:

In most cases the bank must refund the payment without undue delay and by the end of the business day following the day on which it became aware of the problem, unless it has reasonable grounds for suspecting that you have acted fraudulently.

Your bank may ask you to answer some questions and fill out a form confirming what has happened, but it cannot delay your refund while it waits for you to return the form."


Hi @lilischocolates,

I understand this is really frustrating.

I can see that you’ve been in contact with our Member support team and we’ve raised this with the relevant department. If you reach out in the app, a member of the team will provide you with an update as soon as we have one.

Please continue to reach out to us in the app thread and we are keeping an eye on this so as soon as we have an update.

Thanks, Waiel


Hi Wide,

Many thanks for your message. Your answer is quite worrying:

  1. Why nobody is answering the chat? We tried to contact the customer care twice today.
  2. How is Tide dealing with the matter?
  3. Which is the relevant department? How can we contact them?
  4. Why Tide is not complying with the FCA regulation?
  5. When we should expect a refund?

I have to say that receiving a template message with luck of any helpful information is quite worrying and I am extremely disappointed with the luck of transparency that Tide is showing while dealing with the situation.

Please clarify asap.

Many thanks


Hi @lilischocolates,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I believe the team messaged you back today. We’re really sorry for the delay in getting this resolved for you. Although I can’t go into details I can assure you that we escalated the case with our Finance Partners and were working hard for a resolution today.

We are sorry that the weren’t able to resolve this sooner for you! I was chasing this myself today for a resolution.



Hi Felicity,

For public records this has now been resolved. We have been refunded for the full amount so we are obviously happy with the resolution.

Although in order to improve your service I would recommend a better communication and a more transparent process. Similar situations are quite upsetting and a good customer care is quite crucial.

Many thanks for all your hep on this.