Fraudulent transactions again


I’ve seen many transactions come out of my account recently. It always seems to happen within 5 minutes of money coming into my account. I message the team and get no help. I wait 3 days for a reply this is not on. Thurther more I get told they been refunded but I never see the refund in my transactions list. Further more I ask about it but minute I ask the ticket is closed.

I want all fraudulent transactions refunded ASAP


Thank you for letting us know about this @Mike2

The team will be addressing this further, I’ll try to clarify a bit more here as well.

Whenever there are any transactions made using your Tide card that you don’t recognise, we strongly recommend that you cancel or at least block the card in question until the matter can be resolved. If you haven’t done this already, please do so.

You can manage your cards by going to Account -> Tapping on the card icon in the top-right in the app.



T is locked and unlocked when I don’t use it I unlock it when I need to use it


Thank you for your response, @Mike2

I would strongly suggest cancelling the card altogether if you believe that its details have been compromised.

If you unblock the card after it’s been used in such a way, we’re that much less likely to be able to recover any funds lost in this way.


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