Fraud stolen money - no answer


Hi, I am absolutely fed up with Tide’s lack of help to fraud on my account.

ALL (every pound to my name) of my money was taken from my Tide account - 1000’s of £! It has been 2 weeks and after numerous requests JUST to speak to someone on the phone I am yet to have a conversation.

I indicated that I have opened a police case and the only response I got was that “the police have to give my money back”. That’s absolutely absurd and 100% false - police are never responsible to ‘get your money back’! How can a bank the size of Tide have that as an answer!!??

I am now on borrowed money from family and friends just to survive and still I’ve had no response from Tide. I just don’t understand how you can treat a customer (let alone a human being just like your friends and family) like this who has been clear, measured and responsible throughout my correspondance.

I have just ONE SIMPLE REQUEST: Please provide me with a number to call and speak to someone so I can get my money back




Thank you for letting us know about this situation @andrewbrukman

I’m terribly sorry to hear about this and I will do everything I can to connect you with the right team. Bear in mind that the disputes team that would likely be able to assist you in this situation are not primarily a member-facing team and won’t be able to call you.

I will absolutely alert them to your situation and stress that they should respond in your existing conversations with them to advise on how you should proceed.



Obi thanks I got a message in my inbox which I replied to but now I haven’t got a response. That was 4 hours ago! How can someone just get a straight answer here. This is absolutely unacceptable!!


Thanks for getting back to me on this @andrewbrukman

I’ve asked the team to get back to you as promptly as they’re able, as they’d be able to advise you more on the disputed transaction than I can.

I appreciate that this is a troubling situation and my colleagues will do what they can to assist you.



I haven’t heard from anyone for the last 5 days. ALL my money got stolen over two weeks ago and I am yet to hear any plan of how Tide will get my money back. This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. Contact me IMMEDIATELY and refund my money. I have given you all the information including police case. I’ve had enough!!