Foreign currency transaction


As I recall correctly Tide uses the interbank exchange rate when we complete a foreign currency transaction. My last payment was such a transaction. Unfortunately it displays only the amount in British pounds and there is no way of seeing that this was a foreign currency transaction.

I would like to see in my transaction that:

  • it’s a foreign currency transaction
  • the original (currency) amount
  • the exchange rate (estimated, if still in progress)

Why? Transparancy and clarity

I believe n26 does this very well. Check out my uploaded picture for visual details.


Hi @luvQvist, we’re always looking to improve the experience - so we really appreciate you sharing your views on this :slight_smile:


I agree.

Any foreign currency transactions should show orig currency, exchange rate, sterling equivalent.



Yes, please, this would be amazing!


+1 would a voting system be better than +1s!?