Fintech lenders bounced out of crisis loans


Noted. No idea re claim, but lawyers always seem to find someone to sue. Just thought the “potential threat” of a lawsuit might give us some leverage over someone. But no idea who, and I guess I am grasping at straws!


Agree re helping Tide help us. But they have not mobilisied their client base in any organised way?Not hired a lobbying firm, not started a PR campaign, not done anything. Surely they should be mobilising the “troops” to assist them. They coudl ahve a template to write to MPs on their site, get a big law firm involved and threaten to sue…all and sundry. Invoke EU competition rules (if those might still apply) or otherwise make such a nuisance of themselves they get what they can. Do not forget that old saying “you get what you negotiate, not what you deserve”. What leverage does Tide have? Alone? In conjunction with its customer base?


I think Oliver probably realised they couldn’t lobby their customers (again) with them writing reviews on trustpilot saying husbands and killed themselves and blaming tide for all their life’s miseries, including their a estranged boyfriend sleeping with their sister as revenge for the 10r they couldn’t repay.

Undoubtedly tho, we are / were stronger working together then tearing into the very thing we have been relying on.

Tide must have been lobbying to some regard behind the scenes, as we saw from Oliver’s post on LinkedIn high flyers have taken notice, Mark Carneys senior advisor for one… makes you wonder if this would be done and dusted if he was still in office.

I guess, really, now the case, situation is even higher profile and other players in the industry can see how damaging this could be to the U.K. fintech industry, things could still change again.

Hardly sending out a positive signal to anyone wanting to operate in the space in the UK… would be better off in, Germany & oh errr Europe where they have already put things in place.


Brexit is going to be an absolute trainwreck.

Positive for the brexiteers tho as the immigrants will be better off staying in Europe, we’ll have people swimming the other way… Nigel Ferage taking them half way to France on his dingy :joy::joy:


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