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I am happy with the business account much cheaper than having the high st banks business account. Only downside i see in this is that any fees they deduct is end of month. I believe they should deduct at the end of each day.
I could have money coming in and gone, the account being empty but fees will be deducted end of month and if no money in account then it will go in minus.
I have to keep a track of what fees they will charge end of month and make sure that amount is left in account.
It is annoying and more headache

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I also have an account with cash plus who take their fees daily but tide is a lot cheaper for transactions so i would still say tide is the best option.

Thanks for your feedback @Ashzfr

We’ve done our best to keep the fees we charge fairly low, so that you won’t have to do much of any bookkeeping to keep track of them.

The list of our fees is fairly short, and you can see it here: https://www.tide.co/pricing/ 2

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