Exporting previous transactions as a .csv file


A timeline of past transactions for one of your Tide accounts can be accessed by selecting the account from the Accounts screen. Tap the name of the Tide account to continue.

You can export this list of transactions as a .csv file. To do so, tap the download icon in the right hand corner of the screen (located underneath the card icon).

A menu will pop up asking you to chose the app or contact to which you would like to export the file.

To export a .csv file which only includes transactions made between a certain date range or from a specific category you can filter the list of transactions before tapping the download icon.

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I did this yesterday (exporting the .csv file by e-mail).

When I came to look at it today I was very disappointed at the poor way the spreadsheet had been set up and formatted and I spent a considerable amount of time (on a duplicated copy which I saved - as well as keeping the original) re-formatting my copy.

In particular, the choice of fonts, column widths, use of portrait (rather than landscape), margins, no pre-formatted header, etc. - I could go on! Several columns will, in my opinion, not be needed by most users so what (in my case) printed - before my changes - as 4 pages, now fits comfortably on the top third of 1 A4 landscape sheet.

I printed 2 copies to mark up and file with my Profit & Loss Accounts and - to my horror - when I returned later to print another copy all the formatting had disappeared (even though I had saved the changes I made - about 25 of them)!

Can someone consider setting up these files so that fit neatly on A4 Landscape sheets - ideally so that each entry line does fit on the one page (rather than across two or more)?

I have a photo of my re-formatted sheets if you want me to e-mail it to you (to stimulate some thoughts)!


Thanks. Could you please add ‘Balance’ as a standard column? Thanks


@RowanTreeRoos: CSVs are not formatable. However, if you import the data to spreadsheet’s local format e.g. .xlsx or .number, then you can add a new column and format the data to your liking.

@mpk: Most CSVs that I have seen from different banks, only export transaction data. You can though add a new column to your liking. Also, you can use the Tide API to export the data and/or do calculations based on it. As matter of fact, that’s I am already doing in a helper tool to export selected data and import into the accounting software, I am using :slight_smile:


@RowanTreeRoos CSV doesn’t contain any formating data / information. That is an issue with your spreadsheet software that you are experiencing.

To quote: “In computing, a comma-separated values (CSV) file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain text.” - note the use of the term plain text, you can open and view / edit CSV data very easily in any plain text editor such as notepad / gedit etc.

I’ve posted at this time (delay after OP post), so anyone else searching for CSV export can start to understand the limitations and wonderful simplicity of CSV.


As a UX improvement, why not make the download button look like a download rather than upload one, with the arrow pointing, er down… Just a thought :wink:


I find myself on this thread having tried to reconcile my account using the exported CSV which is proving very difficult.

  1. I totally agree that the icon to download to CSV looks like an upload and in an app gives no indication what it’s for. It’s also given a lot of space in the APP as though it’s super important, so important no one will know what it’s for. I actually assumed this was for sending money as it’s opposite the balance.
  2. Why isn’t export to CSV part of the statements section?
  3. The csv expect doesn’t have a file extension
  4. Balance is not a column in the exported CSV (as mentioned above). I have accounts with 3 of the big banks and 2 other mobile app banks and they ALL export balance as a column, it’s normal! Even more frustrating that this is the one bank for my business needs and for me at least the only one I actually need the balance column in!


Hi @pistulls,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

I’m happy to confirm that we’ll introduce a balance column in the .csv file in the coming weeks… stay tuned!

We’re also about to introduce a new timeline design on Android which includes a new .csv download icon. Hope you’ll like it!

If you’d like to test all our new features and designs before general release, you can join Tide Preview - our beta testing programme by filling out this form.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I’m happy to help :slight_smile: