Export to FreeAgent


FreeAgent allows import of .csv files (as well ofx etc). But the CSV created by Tide needs a little massaging to be accepted, here is the process that I use:

  1. Export the transactions from Tide
  2. Open the CSV file in Calc (or Excel etc)
  3. Remove all columns except Date, Description, Amount
  4. Reorder the columns as Date, Amount, Description, remove the Header row.
  5. The Date column is in the wrong format (it’s yyyy-mm-dd) and needs to be converted to dd/mm/yyyy
  6. Add a column next to the Date column and put this formula in the first cell: =DATE(LEFT(A2,4),MID(A2,6,2),RIGHT(A2,2))
  7. Select the cell and drag down to copy that formula in to all the rows needing the new date.
  8. Select that column and convert the formula to value (Data->Calculate->Formula to Value)
  9. Remove the old Date column
  10. Save the file as a CSV file

Bingo, now it can be imported in to FreeAgent.


This is extremely useful. Thank you so much for posting! I got in a bit of a pickle over the date formula, but I noticed there was a column with the date in the right format anyway (thank you for explaining what it needs to be). Thanks so much for doing this - much appreciated.


Right now, this is a manual process but we are intending to automate this soon. Big thanks to @timp for providing this extremely helpful guide. I’m sure many of our members will join me in thanking you!


Just to add in, I made a Workflow to handle this translation automatically on iOS. More details in my original post:


Grrr. Why has the date format on Tide CSV’s changed back to yyyy/mm/dd??

Feels like we’re going backward on this not forward!


Yes, very annoying that this workflow has stopped working now as well. I tried to update the date conversion to the new format using: \d{4}/\d{2}/\d{2} but couldn’t get it working again.


I built this https://tidetofreeagent.herokuapp.com to convert the Tide files to FreeAgent-able imports for my personal use, hope it’s of use to others!


Thank you so much for this, Leesus!


Leesus you are the man! Many thanks.


You’re welcome. Quick note, I have found an issue with file uploads in Safari that I’ll fix when I get a bit of time to sit down and have a look, so best to use Chrome/Firefox etc for now. It’s a bit slow as it’s hosted for free but if enough people show interest I’ll pay to upgrade the hosting. Suggestions on further improvements more than welcome too!

EDIT: Safari issue now fixed.


It’s not half as pretty as leesus’ solution, but I’ve made my own solution that taps into Tide and FreeAgent APIs to automate the import completely. I just go to the webpage every so often and in a couple of clicks it’s all sync’d up for me.


If it works for anyone else, feel free to use it! I can’t promise any on-going support though, and I’ve only tested it on Chrome on Linux.

NB none of your data is stored with me - the logging in and fetching of transactions all happens totally inside your browser. No server-side code at all!


Hi all,

I am happy to let you know that we’ve just released our integration with FreeAgent.

You can find out more here. You can also find a list of FAQs about this here.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:


Hi i have problem with my account and i can not add recipient and my card is keep on declining, need urgent help as have to pay to my employees


Hey @Pompom123,

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your account.

Are you able to reach out via the in-app chat and someone from the team will be able to help you with this.




There is no need to still manually export your statements and import them in FreeAgent. Tide can now automatically synchronise your bank statements with FreeAgent (not the same as an instant bank feed other banks provide), a real time saver!

You need to authorise the integration first. You can find details on how to do that here: https://www.tide.co/community/t/freeagent-integration-faq/5083.


@fpersyn The FreeAgent integration didn’t work for me.

Stuck downloading the details as CSV and then manually editing the files as even though Tide claims the CSV is in FreeAgent format it’s not


As far as I remember it only synchronises once a day. When you set it up you should only see it has pulled in your transactions the day after. This still works perfectly for me.

I followed the instructions on the page I linked to earlier. You authorise the sync here: https://tidelink.codat.io/accounting/freeagent

Hope that helps.


Thanks for your feedback @AndyD, I have spoken to the relevant team and can confirm they’re on it!

We’re hoping to introduce a fix in a few weeks.



The original post about CSV format issues was made back in July 2017.

It’s now June 2019 and dates in the exported CSV still use the wrong date format.

If features are abandoned, remove them, don’t leave FreeAgent as an export option in the banking app, this approach does not differentiate Tide from existing banks, those that are too big and slow to react to issues.


Hi @shx,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here.

Please rest assured that we haven’t abandoned this. Sometimes, like any tech company, things get moved around. We might get through a feature quicker than planned or encounter an unexpected delay.

The CSV format issues are still on our radar and we’ll try to implement a fix in the coming months.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this might be causing Steve.