Export .CSVs in accountancy software format


I think I might need brain surgery or perhaps someone can help?

According to Trello Tide Feature Roadmap this was Live in December last year.

Yet all the formats still start with YYYY which is incompatible with at least QuickBooks and maybe others.

However, since QuickBooks is apparently the only major accounting software not supported for integration, with a due date for bank feed integration in the long term QuickBooks users are suffering the pain of having to manipulate the CSV file. I think it’s odd QuickBooks don’t support your format. I also think it’s odd your format does not support QuickBooks.

But I am totally perplexed how something can be marked as Live when it has not changed at all and does not work.

I’m now going to try and create a Macro. Cup of tea in hand.

Interestingly Starling Bank Test appeared and disappeared in QuickBooks last week…


Have you had any updates on your post??? My problem is that I cannot seem to get CSV files for historical statements, thus making it possible to upload to my accounting SW. Any thoughts?