Hi I am moving my business account from Starling as I need to obtain an Experian credit score And starling supply information to Equifax only

Q, does tide supply credit information to Experian?


Hi there @Tonyb

Thank you for reaching out and thank you for your patience.

I don’t have that information to hand, unfortunately, I’ll certainly look into it for you and I also recommend that you reach out to the team at hello@tide.co, so the team at Member Support can also look into it for you.



@Tonyb Don’t Do it! Once you open an account with tide you will be paralysed. I’m applying to starling now to move away from tide.

I havent been able to make a payment for 24 hours and the response times are appalling. At least starling offers phone support!


Hello @vacap,

Thank you for joining the discussion. We have located your case and expressed the urgency to our dedicated team. We can see that they replied back to you and will work with you until the case is fully resolved.

Let us know if you should require any further assistance.