Exclusive cashback offer for our community members


Dear community members,

We are really excited to introduce our brand new membership plan: Plus Cashback!

You are the backbone of our Tide community, and as a thank you, we are offering you 2 months FREE on Plus Cashback.

You should have received an email with this exclusive 2 months free offer but if not, just leave your email address on our dedicated Plus Cashback page to get 2 months free * on Plus Cashback.

To upgrade, simply go to the more menu, click on “Upgrade” and select Tide Plus Cashback.

With this new membership you get:

:credit_card: 0.5% cashback on everything you spend on your Tidecard terms apply
:telephone_receiver: a dedicated account manager
:outbox_tray: 150 free transfers per month
:bookmark_tabs: a 24/7 legal advice helpline
:sparkles: exclusive member discounts
:black_heart: a matte black card

You’ll earn cashback on everything you spend – no exclusions. We pay your cashback reward directly into your account every month.

If your team-mates or employees have Team Cards for your account, then you earn cashback on what they spend too!

You can start earning cashback today, find out more here: https://www.tide.co/plus-cashback

* terms and conditions apply


Hi can I have my account
unblocked as it has been
blocked from yesterday


Hello @IBZ!

I’m able to see that the member support team contacted you today. They have reviewed your account recovery request and it was approved. Upon additional checking, I’m able to see that your account is fully operational, however, if you have any further concerns about your account, please contact us via the in-app chat within your account, so we can advise accordingly.


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