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Can someone from Tide show me physical evidence that businesses on the waiting list received some of the magically 50m. Or did the whole lot go to beta ‘mate’ customers. Not a cut and paste answer and if you don’t know the answer ask someone which does.

Looking forward to my final invoice to be paid so I can close this piss pot account. If I treated customers like you have I’d have been closed years ago. . But as it is your raft of lies and miss information that’s been the final nail in the coffin. Thanks Tide.

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    Jul '20
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Thank you for writing @Newbielee

I’m afraid that to provide evidence as you’ve requested of the loans we’ve provided to members on the waiting list in a matter that would be satisfactory to you, we would be required to disclose identifiable information about those members, which we simply will not do.

I am sorry to disappoint you in this regard, and I hope there is more that we can do to renew your confidence in us.


Obi. Greatest respect but stating x amount on the list received loans does not give any private information away in the slightest. Knowing people sub 400 on the list not getting one highlighted the fact that most if not all were hand picked to be beta ‘friend’ test. I’m only asking for a honest answer. Something which tide seem to really struggle with at the moment. My view is you don’t want to disclose this information because not one single person in the father Christmas list received one. The 50m was cherry picked customers - I’ll be keeping an eye on companies house as I suspect even that is a lie. . There’s absolutely nothing to revive my confidence in Tide. As the only thing I’m asking for is the truth and for 14 weeks we’ve not had a single bit of it. Punished for choosing the wrong bank. Lied to time and time again and still no further forward than we were 2 months ago.

I am sorry that we’ve disappointed you so deeply @Newbielee

I won’t be able to provide you with the exact information that you’re looking for. I appreciate that you feel deceived, and to clarify - before launching our waiting list there was a small group of Tide members that the BBLS was extended to, to test the functionality that we’d built.

From then on, the waiting list was addressed in order. We are just as disappointed to have not been able to keep lending. Our current efforts are dedicated to advocating for the necessary changes that will let us resume.


Hi Obi,
Does that mean you are still trying to get the Treasury to change their minds? I asked this on the support app this morning and just got the normal copy and paste answer telling me to refer to the update from oliver and there were nomore updates on the matter.

Thank you for following-up @Marc1

Yes, we are still in communication with the Treasury in that regard. As you can imagine, updates on this will not necessarily be quick, but we are doing what we can to stress the importance of what we want to achieve.



Fighting till the very end… good on You.

It’s not over until we give up. If you need us to put pressure on anything write to anything or perhaps start a petition ?? Let us know

Thank you, @Cam

At this stage, the most that we can ask from our members is to contact their local MP.

I’m certain that many of you who are most active here have already done so, and sincerely, your support is greatly appreciated!


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