Editing your saved categories


Saved categories can be found by visiting the More section (located in the bottom navigation bar). Under the Services header, select ‘category manager.’

The Categories menu lists all of your categories for both “In" and “Out” transactions.

Select a specific category to edit the name, colour and direction of payment (in or out). You can add a new category by tapping Create new category.

In the Create category page, you can give your category a name, set it to the colour you want and then select whether the category refers to inbound or outbound transactions. Once you are happy with your changes, tap Save. The new category will be available for use on all future transactions.

You also have the opportunity to add new categories when making a new payment, creating an invoice, or changing the category of a previous transaction.

Trying to edit your saved categories from the Tide app? For more details, click here.

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Payments & Transactions: Categorisation