Don't send invoices automatically


Hello, I’ve just signed up for banking with Tide and am having a couple of problems with invoicing

After generating an invoice, I would like to download the invoice and attach it to my own email which I send with a Client Letter and an introductory email. Instead, it seems the online service requires me to automatically send the invoice through Tide banking, is there a way to switch that off so that I can download the invoice as a .pdf and independently attach it to my own email?

Secondly, when adding a recipient, is it necessary to add Company Name and address? I have clients who are not companies and do not have a fixed address, is there a way to leave these fields blank?

Thank you


Hi @KXBarristers,

Welcome to Tide! All invoices are sent through the app. At this stage, you are unable to switch this off and download the invoice individually. Although your clients are not companies and do not have a fixed address, when adding a recipient, you are unable to leave the fields blank.

I’m sorry that there is no workaround at this time. We are always constantly looking to improve our features. Rest assured, your feedback will be taken into account.