Does Tide inegrate with Pandle Accounting Software?


Does anyone know if Tide bank feeds are compatible with Pandle Accounting Software? We currently use Tide with Xero for my fascinator business, but I am setting a new small business/side hustle and I need to keep the costs down as it’s a start-up. Xero is around £24 per month + VAT whereas Pandle Pro is only £5 per month but although it supports bank feeds, I’m not sure that means it automatically works with all banks.


Hello @BRG,

Thank you for contacting us.

We are working on making this possible in the near future.

Currently, you can manually export your transactions and import them into Pandle.

You can see a list of our supported integrations right now here:

Hopefully, soon enough Pandle will be one of them.

Let me know if I can assist with anything else.