Does Tide have an API?


Yes! Tide’s API allows developers to build applications which interact with Tide. Currently, the API may be used to access information regarding your accounts and transactions. Over time the available functionality will expand to cover a range of Tide features.

We support authentication by OAuth 1 and OAuth 2. OAuth 2 is recommended.

Obtaining access via OAuth 2 is a three step process:

  1. Your application displays a Tide authentication page, which requests the user to enter the email address associated with the Tide account to be accessed.

  2. After the email address is entered, the user must authorise access using the Tide mobile app, on the API access page (under the Settings menu).

  3. Once the authentication request has been authorised, the Tide authentication page will redirect, providing the tokens needed to access the Tide API.

To block access by your application, the user can remove its security keys at any time from the API access page.

Full documentation of the API is available here.

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