Does anyone from Tide actually look at this community?


Serious question. Is this community actively monitored by Tide or is it an ‘as and when we can’ type of system.

There is a head of community so I assumed they were active in the community. But i’m no longer sure.


Hi @markdicker,

The community is actively monitored but we’re experiencing a very large volume of messages across all our platforms and are working hard to get back to members as quickly as possible.

I’m answering queries about BBL here as much as possible and have posted a lot of updates on this community topic.

We also have a dedicated BBL FAQ page with all the latest information regarding Tide Bounce Back Loans.



Thank you for confirming that this community is actively moderated. Perhaps someone from Tide could respond to my other post requesting numbers. You’ve already told us its been read.

Thank you for the work you do.


I cant see how this is monitored, maybe get someone dedicated to address the community, you will be getting paid from all yhe interest ypu get from the loans, £10 ph is absoluetly nothing and it shows that you are managing this terribly or just want to sit on the loan money as long as possible.