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Having trouble with driving license being uploaded for password change,

No one from tide gets back to you

Keep trying Andy, it took me nearly 3 hours yesterday for it to accept my driving licence. Make sure you dont have a bright list shining from behind you. Also make sure that the 4 corners of the licence fit well into the frame. Also place your licence on a black background. Good luck Ploppy

Thank you,
I’ve tried over 50times to do this have wrote countless messages on the app and it takes over 2days to get a response from anyone, I am so close to closing my account just on this basis :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Sorry to hear that Andy. I am just a customer trying to help. I should have said “bright light”. Also probably best to do it in natural light during the day. It took me a few hours of continuously trying for the licence and then even longer for the selfie. For the selfie you have to take a photo in a small frame and then in a big one! But i had to persevere as i have a pizza van and needed my phone and account for taking money.
Also i did have a telephone number but i seem to have mislaid it. If you look in the messages in the forum you may find it. Good luck Ploppy

Sorry just having a rant really
so frustrating I’ve been at it for 3days now

Hi there @AndYr2 and @Ploppy

Firstly, thank you so much for engaging and for giving some direction, It’s always great to see our members working together.

The advice that you’ve provided is about right - we are going to be introducing some improvements to the ID scans soon, hopefully that’ll make it a bit less of a particular process on all devices.

If you need anything further, let me know here and I’ll get back to you!


Hi obi

I updated the app, (new update last night)
Managed to do photo and face picture fine to change my passcode, the screen the said needed to be approve normally takes 2hrs.
This was at 11-15 this morning,
The app now asks for me passcode, I’ve entered my new one and it’s locked me out?!?

This has been going on since Friday and your the only person to respond no one in the app is getting back to me although I can’t access it now