Do you realise how you are affecting people's lives? Only part of BBL funds released. Where are they & why are you ignoring my complaints?


Dear Tide,
Yet again i see no feedback from yourselves on my messages regarding only a partial release of BBL funds. I’ve been given the funds so why can’t i have them?
The messages that i have received from yourselves are not fair, not clear and are definitely misleading.

I counted on the bounce back loan money to be able to stay afloat and forecast how long that is likely to be for in these pretty horrendous times, and now you have whipped that security blanket away from me meaning i have to half that time and money.

PLEASE can someone extract the digit and actually do the decent thing and answer people and more importantly give them the funds to which they have been promised.
i don’t think you seem to realise how much you are affecting peoples lives.
Please help.


Thank you for letting us know about this @kb80

I’ll absolutely have a look into this from our side and reach out to you via the app to clear everything up.

I and the rest of the team are absolutely quite mindful of how the current situation has affected a great many of our members, including you.

I’ll be checking in with the relevant team and contact you as soon as I’m able.



Thanks Obi - but i don’t hold out much hope on getting the money that is due - the whole thing has been horrendous


They stopped lending nearly a month ago and you still havn’t recieved all of the funds??


no…afraid not


@Obi_at_Tide is there any danger of getting a response from anyone? thanks


Hi there @kb80

Thank you very much for being patient with us, I’ve just written to you in our existing messages in the app with some more details, please have a look and let me know if you have any questions there, I’ll be able to respond a lot more quickly that way!